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G/Day to you
My wife purchased a Eos 2.0 T Indvidule W/ dsg box, and received it back in Sept 07, a car which she is thrilled with, apart from the much documented "Roof Rattles". Just one question if I may to the forum, she also purchase the optional Windbreak, in the owners manual it clearly states when not in use must be stored in the bag supplied, she received no bag, called the dealer, no help there, went on the Australian VW site and emailed them twice via there contact page no reply........just wish there customer service was as good as the dose anyone know if there should have been a bag, or do(can) you purchase them Rgs Alan
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I purchased mine in Oct 07 and my windbreaker came in a black fake leather looking zip up bag, the bag also has folding instructions for the windbreaker with it, Im sure its standard that it you buy the windbreaker you get the bag.
What state are you in? Im in Vic and have found the service at Camberwell VW to be outstanding, they've been really helpful, even threw in a bottle of Krytox for me, I didnt even buy my Eos through them, just getting it serviced there! Perhaps call them if they're near by, they might look into it for you if your dealer isnt helping.
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