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Window Adjustments

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Have been told that the reason water may be running down the inside of the passenger and driver windows is that they may need adjusting. Is this a job that can be done while you wait or is it a case of having to leave car with dealers again?
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Two days ago I started a thread about a leak at the top left A-pillar.
This leak was due to a problem with the drain tube that removes any water that seeps past the seals on the sides of the sunroof.
While I was looking for the leak, my first thought was that it was caused by water collecting in the seal at the front of the sunroof.
This seal diverts any water to the top of the A-pillars (see pic 1) where it passes through a hole (pic 2) and then drains away inside the side window seals (on the under-side of the A-pillars).
It appeared to me as though there were 2 possible problems with this setup:
1. The hole could become blocked by debris and water could back up and leak into the car at the break in the seal next to the pop-up wind blocker.
2. If the window pushes into the window seal too much it could squeeze the drain hole shut, with the same result.


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