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Window problem

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I had a leak of a different kind: the windows stopped returning to the top on locking....but I didn't notice. So, one frosty morning, I threw warm water all over it can guess the rest. I thought it was me having left the door open a bit and thought nothing more about it. The next night it rained for Europe. I sussed it then, as I had a small swimming pool on my lovely leather (still, it made it easier to clean up although still freaked in case I electrocuted myself on the heated seats!!!!):eek: .

VW said they could take it in as it sounded like a computer reste job. But not for 5 days. When I whinged that this would mean my car effectively being unlocked over that time, and subject to a whole heap more rain, they relented, and were actually great in the end. It went in at 5pm, and they rang me at 8 the next morning to say my baby was fixed. A warranty issue.

I must say this spooked me a bit, so I have become a bit paranoid about watching the windows go up and down on lock/unlock.

Has anyone else had this? Did it recur?

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Apparently my computer set up had been the window was having little non febrile fits. I bacame quite a contortionist over those two days,putting the window up from inside, then climbing over to the pasenger seat to climb out....then locking and hey presto, window went down again to unlocked level.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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