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Window problem

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I had a leak of a different kind: the windows stopped returning to the top on locking....but I didn't notice. So, one frosty morning, I threw warm water all over it can guess the rest. I thought it was me having left the door open a bit and thought nothing more about it. The next night it rained for Europe. I sussed it then, as I had a small swimming pool on my lovely leather (still, it made it easier to clean up although still freaked in case I electrocuted myself on the heated seats!!!!):eek: .

VW said they could take it in as it sounded like a computer reste job. But not for 5 days. When I whinged that this would mean my car effectively being unlocked over that time, and subject to a whole heap more rain, they relented, and were actually great in the end. It went in at 5pm, and they rang me at 8 the next morning to say my baby was fixed. A warranty issue.

I must say this spooked me a bit, so I have become a bit paranoid about watching the windows go up and down on lock/unlock.

Has anyone else had this? Did it recur?

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I have had it occur several times in 18 months of ownweship and as I type this I have a towel jamed in the gap. My dealer advised me today that it is a fault VW regognoise but there is no fix for it! I had intended to keep the car for five years but have decided it will not go through another winter in my ownership. Extreamly disapointing.
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