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Window Rolling Down Automatically

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Has anyone else had this problem? I realize when you use the remote to unlock the doors, the drivers and passenger side windows drop down a fraction of an inch (or a cm for you Euro's). But after I close the door, the passenger window rolls all the way down. I can only guess there is a sensor somehwere within the door that can tell that the glass can not fully clear the door/roof seals and is trying to prevent it from shattering. I have yet to lube my seals (no snickering) so I wonder if that will solve it? Anyone?
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I see that Hammer is from Carlsbad, CA. I was just in North County and stopped at three dealers (one off Cannon Blvd) and none of them had ever heard of the special lubicant for the Eos seals. When I gave them the part number, they looked it up and found that there is one bottle in L.A. I guess VW wants us to order it from the internet.

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