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Has anyone found an aftermarket windscreen or a place to purchase one at a better price than my dealer has quoted - $1068 including tax for the windscreen and bag. I saw one on a red EOS on the weekend on Vancouver Island and the owner said he paid in the $350 range.....
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Windscreen deals

Google "eos windscreen" and several options pop up. A quick price check shows the lowest at $540. From looking at options for my previous Mustang, this seems to be a reasonable price although the materials that make up the screen probably cost around $25.

I think eBay has a feature that you can ask about an item and they will notify you when one is listed for sale. I wouldn't expect to see many of these on eBay as the only reason I can think for a sale would be a "total" in a wreak. With the Eos top, I would think it would take much damage to write one down to zero.
I leave mine in place ALL THE TIME. I figure that's the safest place for it. Too easy to get it dinged up in the trunk.

I think I've only had a rear seat passenger one time. Also with it UP, it provides a out-of-sight place for additional storage (especially with the top up).
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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