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Windshield for rear seat passengers?

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Evening all,

Has anyone found a way to stop the rear seat passengers getting blasted by air when they are in the back with the roof down?

I have the VW option for the front seats, but the kids aren't impressed with sitting in the back with the roof down?


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...and I always keep a ponytail holder or other type of hair accessory in the car for my 5 year old daughter with really long hair. My 18 month old love it and laughs the whole time. I do try to get her to wear sunglasses, though.
Hi Darren,

I am glad that you specified that the ponytail holder was for your daughter (or do you work in advertising?):eek:

I'm actually about as clean cut as they come. I'm a physician, not in advertising. A smidge follicularly challenged on top so definitely no hair blowing in my face while seated front or rear :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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