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wiring for rear speakers

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hi all,
I bought a 08 plate 2.0 tdi EOS about 2 months ago, and after trawling the internet, numerous calls to the dealer, and even VW UK direct Ive eventually found out that "apparently" my EOS only comes with 4 speakers!!!! Of which they're all in the front!! This explains why the sound is so bad tho I guess.

Anyway my question is, does anyone know if the wiring is in place for the rear speakers, reluctantly Im thinking Im going to have to install some speakers myself, but if it involves installing speaker wire all the way back to the head unit aswell I will probably grin and bare it.

Also if anybody has already replaced their rear speakers - do you have any tips/hints/advice you could give me?

Any words of knowledge on this "touchy" subject are appreciated - thanks
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I have the same situation. I have an '08 FSI which, although the grilles are in the rear, there are no speakers.

As mine recently had a rear panel replaced by my dealer due to them damaging it, i can advise a little bit (i watched the guy do it)

There are no wires in place for the rear speakers on my model. Therefore i presume that they would have to be wired directly from the head unit. Also, the head unit knows that there are only two speakers, according to the tech guy my unit would have to be reprogrammed if i wanted to fit rear speakers (ie no fader control displayed)

Removing the rear panel does not look an easy job. The one thing he mentioned is that he had to disarm the "anti roll units" in the rear headrests before he removed the panel. Im not sure how he did it ( i know he took a cover off each headrest but not sure what he did inside)

To remove the panel and replace it took him an hour and a bit.
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