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Would you reccomend the eos?

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Hi all! I'm brand new to this site and need some advice... I'm seriously thinking about purchasing an eos over here in sunny England and been busy studying reviews.. Iv come to the conclusion that the problem with reviews are most of the time the only people who write on them are people blowing off steam! So it would be nice to hear all of your opinions on the car. I would like a 2.0 fsi, I'd be happy with the non sport model for comfort.. Are these cars smooth? Suspension wise? And also has the lubing of seals sorted ALL the problems with leaky roofs? Looks like it's caused mayhem for owners and it's such a simple solution!!!! LOL... Did they also change the style of seal on the later model, as il prob be buying a used 06!! Feel free to say what your views are on the car. All opinions are welcome!
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Yes, I would say buy an Eos. I would say do your reseach on all Eos forums to hear about all issues. I have had my Eos 26 months and even with all the issues, mine has held up well with no major problems. The car is just too much fun to drive.
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