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XM or Sirius Tuner location?

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Anyone know where it is and how to remove it (details)? I want to pull out a Sirius unit and add a XM since I have a subscription in two other vehicles already and get a multi radio discount.

Please no "I like Sirius better comments". Thanks!
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I found it under the passenger seat tonight. my friend loves Howard stern and has a new leftover 06 Jetta. we plan to do a swap or receivers next week. This should go OK :eek: . He should have gotten a 3 month free membership but since vw dropper xm maybe they are not honoring the trail for him. bummer because he can try mine and I have to activate it $ to try his in my car.
Removing the XM/Sirius module from a VW EOS & Jetta

It's all done. there to two modular connectors and two antenna's for the XM unit and only 1 antenna used for the Sirius box.

My 07 EOS was easy to remove, here's how.

*After sliding the passenger seat all the way backwards.
*lift up the front mat.
*Lift two slotted tabs on a black cover and slide the plastic cover down and forward.
*Remove the power, Interface and antenna wires.
*Remove three screws that secure the box down with a T-20 driver.

The 06 Jetta, plain and simple was a PIA. It hangs under the rear window deck. I had to loosen screws from the threaded ends to loosen the box up and slid it out of it slotted mounting points. Replacing the hardware with the heads facing down so it can be removed without taking the rear deck cover out.

On weird this is I got a error on the EOS NAV screen. "Antenna error, XM id and a contact you VW dealer) WTF?... It went away and came back again 2 times after key cycling. then for two hours messing with it no errors. I wonder if I have intermittent brown antenna connection. That brown wire wasn't used before with the Sirius so I was thinking it could have been bad I would never would have known. Any ideas were the brown goes or what this error could be?
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I noticed that you have the NAV system. I think that only a XM module with the number 8E0 035 593 E will work.
:eek: Very Interesting, I'll check the number. How did you find this out? Shame on me but I assumed they were all the same, it looked identical except for two antennas vs. one and the car was already wired for two and the sirius/xm sticker on the top of it.
Anyone know what the brown wire is> it wasn't hooked up on the stock Sirius but was hooked up in the the Jetta with XM.

I haven't checked numbers yet but both car have the same Nav and no tire monitoring systems.
Nope even un-paid all( xm and sirius) sat receivers should at least com up under band selections. with limited channels like 0 with you code and emergency broadcast etc etc. I have the nav so it may be different but i'm 99.9% sure you should have got something.

buy the way the XM worked fine in the 06 Jetta and is back in there working perfect. it wouldn't work all the time correctly in the Eos. I'm thinking since VW doesn't have XM as a option they may have purpously disconnected that brown ant lead someplace in the car or just didn't put in the same radio software to accept it.
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