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Your "Dream Eos"

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Hi All

In my first post I called the Eos I have ordered my dream Eos, this phrase has set me thinking of what I would build if I had access to the VW group’s parts bin or could pick from different markets option list and colour choices. Here in the UK I suspect some “Head Richard” limits what is available forgetting that in this information age we can all see what the factory can or could built. Just compare the specs for UK, Ireland, Australia and USA; these are the easy ones for English readers to see what is currently built.

Here is my “Dream” UK spec:- Eos sport, Brilliant red, Moon rock and black leather, Diesel 4cyc 170 bhp or 5cyc 230 bhp, 4wd Dsg transmission, Bembro brakes vented all round, seat draws, elec memory, seats, mirrors and steering column, Idrive info system, 17” 5 spoke star wheels. Sports m/f steering wheel from RS4, DAB radio, garage door opener, stainless steel and logo’ed sill plates,

Just an observation when I look at the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes who build cars to order, with option lists that say if you can afford it you can have it because we make money! With the positive side effect of a satisfied customer. As this models life expectancy is only to 2010/2012, I don’t expect the situation to change for us here in “Treasure Island” sorry the UK, not so subtle dig at the price variations between the different market places.

So what would you build ??????????

Graeme aka boac69

Waiting for 2.0tdi sport dsg and other toys in Leonie / Eismeer / Pacific Blue or Y4
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I am fairly happy with my EOS individual but the only things I miss from my previous car (R32) is the four wheel drive and the extra power. So having both these would make my EOS even better. The main issue with 4WD is the lack of boot space though.
You had R32? Me too, was wonderful... one power!!
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